Monday, August 23, 2010


Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh...=)

I'm Back...! ^_^after along time not to post anything in my blog.

Today our respected lecturer ,Mdm.Noraslinda has thaught us about Smiles,
(it's not learning how to smile..hehe but...
it is all about Simplified Molecular Input Line Entry Specification (SMILES) which is a specification for unambiguously describing the structure of chemical molecules using short ASCII strings.And,I'm very happy to share it with all of you..=)

Below are the chemical structures with the smiles(below each picture) that i have done.Take a look..^-^

Not to forget to Mdm.Noraslinda,I would like to thank to you so much for teaching me this KOS subject and pleasa forgive me for all my mistakes that I have done during class time.Hope that
Allah will give you a big reward for all your kindness..=)

Thank you madam..=)=)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Creating Graphical Objects

Assamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh..=) =)

Happy to see you again in this blog.=)Today im gonna share with you about Chemskatch,the software that allow us to draw chemical structures,reactions,schematic diagrams and design other chemistry-related reports and presentations.

It also allow us to draw atoms,bonds
undefined and Markush), as well as labels and polymers.We also can flip,rotate and resize a drawn molecular
By using this software also,we can quickly draw ring structures,set double bonds and triple bonds and also set an atomic charges.

I've been given a task by Mdm.Aslinda to draw simple and complex molecular structures.Below are the picture that i've drawn.

Take a look..!!..^-^

Hope to see you again..


Monday, July 26, 2010

3D macromolecule (Bovine Trypsin)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.=) =)
[ keep on smiling because it is also will be considered as a"sedeqah" =)=) ]

Praise be to Allah who has given me this opportunity to share with you something in this page.

I'm glad to share with you about one type of molecules of protein which is Trypsin.More specific name for it is Bovine Trypsin.Have you ever heard about Trypsin?Sound similar right..? =)

The above picture
is one of the 3-dimension macromolecules of Bovine Trypsin.Can you see and imagine,how great Allah who creates this complicated molecules..Subhanallah..! Allahuakbar..!

Below is some of the information about this 3-D macromolecule of Trypsin.
Authors: Brzuskiewicz, A.,Dauter, M., Dauter, Z.

>>>>Molecular Description<<<<

Clasification : Hydrolase
Structure Weight : 23672.79
Molecule : Cationic Trypsin
Polymer: 1 Type : Polypeptide (L)
Fragment : Residue 24-246
Length : 223
Chains : A
EC# :

One more 3D macromolecule of Bovine Trypsin

Okey,I think that's all about i'm gonna share with you.Hope you can get something from here.See you later in the next post..!=)" Ilalliqa' wa ma'assalamah..Assalamu'alaikum..=)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Journey Of Life

Monday 19 JuLy 2010

Since i was borned in this world,it is just the starting point of my journey in this life.I can see many kind of people around me.

Some of them are strunggling and work hard in order to achieve their goals to be rich and have a better life without concerning people around them.

Some are just wasting their time without doing anything or just having their day with something unbeneficial.Hemmm...pity of them because maybe they don't know for what purpose they were brought into this world.

Some are striving very hard to raise the "Kalimatullah" in this
world and at the same time they also work very hard to achive excellent in their world life.They never forget to contribute whatever they have and they can,whether their knowledge,their wealthy and their energy to the Ummah. question is..,If you are given the choice,which want of the above people did you want to be..?
Ask youself...Because there are only you who know the answer of it.. Remember..!
We are living in this world not only for the purpose of having good life but also to develop this world according to the Allah's order..
the Hadith from our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said;

"Work as if we will live thousand years,and serve to Allah as we will die tomorrow"

The Journey of Life

The journey of life begun
That fateful day I was born
My eyes opened up blissfully to the sun
My soul, heart and brain emerged as one
Behold my journey had begun!

This little child in time has grown
Yes! Time has flown, time has flown
A lot has been learnt on my very own

Life has been a mystifying journey
With every up and down
With tears and laughter
With hate and love
With stupidity and wisdom
With enemies and friends
But even in my journey of frustration
I have found a means of celebration
In my toilsome exploration to my fateful destination

Tick tock, the clock goes on
Minute by minute, then hourly
Month by month then yearly
Tick tock, and in my journey
I have searched, questioned and answered
Whilst walking painfully along many paths
Sometimes requesting protection
Seeking from above immunization
When hit by obstacles in locations

But I am still on this journey
Shaking hands with the sad and merry
My passion for life which was once raw
Is now confined within the Almighty’s law
For life's journey itself never ends
Once you have reached the end of each road
Uplifting off your entire cloggy load
Be it in a hot summer or a winter’s cold
Behold! A new journey will unfold