Monday, July 26, 2010

3D macromolecule (Bovine Trypsin)

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Praise be to Allah who has given me this opportunity to share with you something in this page.

I'm glad to share with you about one type of molecules of protein which is Trypsin.More specific name for it is Bovine Trypsin.Have you ever heard about Trypsin?Sound similar right..? =)

The above picture
is one of the 3-dimension macromolecules of Bovine Trypsin.Can you see and imagine,how great Allah who creates this complicated molecules..Subhanallah..! Allahuakbar..!

Below is some of the information about this 3-D macromolecule of Trypsin.
Authors: Brzuskiewicz, A.,Dauter, M., Dauter, Z.

>>>>Molecular Description<<<<

Clasification : Hydrolase
Structure Weight : 23672.79
Molecule : Cationic Trypsin
Polymer: 1 Type : Polypeptide (L)
Fragment : Residue 24-246
Length : 223
Chains : A
EC# :

One more 3D macromolecule of Bovine Trypsin

Okey,I think that's all about i'm gonna share with you.Hope you can get something from here.See you later in the next post..!=)" Ilalliqa' wa ma'assalamah..Assalamu'alaikum..=)

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